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The Wonders of Uplighting

As we say here at Event Lighting, not everything that glitters is gold. Sometimes, they are but uplights.

Over the years, we have spent our time transforming simple occasions into sparkling events, and it is our great joy and pride to have been part of them. It is nothing short of amazing to witness an event be successful from start to finish. Before we give you a sneak peek as to how all the magic happens, let us introduce you to the luminous wonders of uplighting.

Uplights are tiny lighting units strategically placed on the floor and pointed upwards to set the right mood for an event. No matter the venue, uplights can easily spruce it up and create the ambiance you are looking for. Today, uplights are typically seen lending their festive glow to weddings, concerts, school dances, birthday parties, and gatherings.

To show you the power of uplighting, here are some of our most memorable lighting services around Colorado.

The Cielo at Castle Pines. Uplighting has transformed this beautiful location into a winter wonderland, whilst adding to the warmth and joy of the guests.

Noah’s Event Center. As the flowers blossom in spring, this wedding reception in Westminster dazzles with its lovely interior. Pink-violet uplights illuminate the room and are reminiscent of a butterfly sanctuary.

Terrace Gardens. An intimate occasion requires good lighting. We set the uplights in different colors to match the event’s theme.

The Manor House. There is nothing better than making the atmosphere apt for celebration. As bright as the summer, uplighting brought the festivity out of this memorable occasion in Littleton.

The Red Lion Restaurant. As the trees start to change colors and the leaves start to fall, guests in this restaurant in Boulder share the night under a canopy. A combination of globe lights and uplights surrounds the room and creates a casual yet intimate ambiance.

Let us help you make the most out of your event! For more information on our uplighting service, please visit our Uplighting page.