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Dress Up Your Tables & Chairs

There are countless things to prepare for when planning a wedding or big event. One thing every event must have is tables and chairs. Depending on the nature of the event and your budget, you may want to rent the higher end chiavari chairs, or garden chairs. However; even the most basic plastic chairs can be made into a charming piece of your decor.

From this….

To this!

A simple burlap ribbon with flowers tied in can create a beautifully rustic feel for a wedding in any season. You could even get extra creative by turning a burlap sack into a chair cover. Tie this idea together with a ribbon that goes with your theme with a simple flower in the bow.

Another fun way to dress up your chairs is by adding streamers or ribbons that incorporate the theme and colors. This is a great idea for spring weddings, birthday parties, and festivals. Add a pop of color to an otherwise drab setting.

When it comes to table display, it is quite possible to dress it up without breaking the bank. A simple white linen table with a touch of color in the table runner and centerpiece is a classic look that will never go out of style. You can rent table runners or create your own to go along with the theme. When setting up your tables, be sure to play with shapes and design. A great option is having a backdrop behind your sweets table.