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Easy & Economical Ways to Enhance your Reception

Wedding planning can get expensive. That’s a huge stress for most brides when making their dream day come true.


Having a budget, and sticking to it can certainly help, but also being resourceful and choosing décor that makes an unforgettable statement for a small price is key. Here are some ideas and products that can greatly enhance the ambiance of your reception or event, even on the smallest budget.

Under-table lighting is very popular because it is incredibly effective, and super inexpensive! Those on a super tight budget, might want to just have their cake table under-lit, or the sweetheart table. This is  a great way to highlight the main attraction.

Creating a simple backdrop can do wonders for your reception or party. Incorporating a small section of pipe and drape behind your sweets table, lit with warm string lights creates a beautiful frame a main attraction. Even easier, outlining a large door way with an elegant drape one each side is a simple touch that adds tons of romantic charm.

Pin-spot lighting is easy and inexpensive, but delivers an amazing effect! It brings an otherwise hidden detail to life. These lights are tiny and can be hung from the ceiling and aimed at your subject. Bring eyes to your floral arrangements on the head table, cake table, or all guest tables!

Having unusual special effects at your wedding is something guests will be sure to remember! Imagine dancing on a cloud for your first dance as a married couple; this is the look a fog machine or two can create! Making your exit with room full of bubbles is a cool way to add whimsical fun to an afternoon or morning wedding!

Before you know it, the day you have been waiting for will be here and all the stress and planning will be worth it!