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Under the Globe Lights

String, market, bistro. These are just some of the names globe lights go by, and you can use them in just as many ways—if not more. We believe versatility makes you the ultimate winner when you use globe lighting in your event. A usual sight in gardens, cafes, and bistros, they easily set a romantic, vintage, or country charm.

Today, globe lights are taking over wedding venues and receptions, and all for good reason. Here are some ways we have made use of these twinkling lights:

Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Globe lights add the perfect rustic touch to this beautiful location in Tabernash. A day of joy and laughter shared under the twinkle of lights dangling from a string.

Inverness Hotel. In contrast to the homey ambiance above, globe lights are used in this hotel to balance the formal atmosphere.

The Oxford Hotel. It was our first time to work in this venue, but the lighting turned out brilliant. We mixed string lights with some twinkle lighting, and pipe and draping to the side to create a vintage and romantic vibe.

14th Street Bridge. These before and after photos of 14th Street Bridge are both stunning, but the real magic happens when the globe lights are turned on. With a beautiful view of the city, any occasion spent under these dancing lights will be a memorable one.

Highlands Ranch Mansion. Talk about luxurious. These globe lights add to the perfect mix of old-world and modern this ranch mansion has to offer.

Residential Wedding. This gorgeous wedding in Northern Colorado proves that globe lights can be used anywhere. Dangling from a canopy ceiling, these lights provided warmth and glow in this joyous occasion, and added interest to its relaxing outdoor theme.

Globe lighting can also be used in concerts, birthday parties, anniversaries, and just about any other occasion. We guarantee that these twinkling lights will radiate the ambiance you need and keep the party alive! Please visit our Globe Lighting page for more information.