Pipe and Drape

The possibilities are endless with pipe and drape.

Pipe and drape decor can transform your event by letting you change the way your space is designed. Use it as a room divider, as a mood setter, or as a background. Coupled with the right lighting, a drab venue can easily be spruced up with pipe and drape decor.

Our standard white drape is available in 8′, 10′, 12′ , 14, & 16′ heights. Anything sized in-between can be achieved by puddling the drape. The colors we use are white (in all sizes) and black (for 8′ , 10′, & 12’only). We also have sheer white drape options that look great on top of twinkle lights.

We do have staff available to deliver, set up and tear down. If you are on a budget, you can avoid those additional fees by picking up the materials from our location in Broomfield and set up the pipe and drape yourself.

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